NAEC plans to build solar array near Salem

NAEC plans to build solar array near Salem
NAEC moves forward with solar array project (Source: North Arkansas Electic Cooperative)

SALEM, AR (KAIT) - An agreement was met between North Arkansas Electric Cooperatives and Today’s Power Inc. to start construction on a 1-megawatt solar array near NAEC headquarters in Salem.

According to a news release, the project will feature one of the most advanced systems in the United States.

It will have a single-axis tracking array of more than 4,000 panels on eight acres on Highway 62.

The output of energy produced by the array at its peak is projected to provide power to approximately 125 homes.

“We are excited to break ground on this project that marks the first time NAEC will own a generation source,” CEO Mel Coleman said. “Harnessing the sun’s energy has become an economically viable and environmentally responsible means of creating electricity.”

The solar facility will prove generation for NAEC members, which makes up more than 36,650 members in parts of Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Lawrence, Marion, Randolph, Sharp, and Stone counties.

The release said this is the 19th project that TPI has developed as part of a utility partnership in Arkansas.

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