Group concerned about lack of progress on lake project

Lack of progress on Lake Poinsett maintenance

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - An area once full of water and the lake life that it attracts, now sits empty.

And it has people worried it might stay that way.

Friends of Lake Poinsett is a group of people who used to keep up with maintenance around the lake.

But now their sole purpose is making sure it gets filled back up.

We first reported back in March of 2017 about Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s plan to drain the lake for much needed repairs.

But those who live near the lake say they haven't seen much progress lately, and it has the group calling for action.

"You know, not just in Harrisburg, lots of people from Craighead County, Greene County, just surrounding counties, this lake was utilized a lot," Friends of Lake Poinsett member Pat Turnage said. "Let's see what's going on, get some answers."

Friends of Lake Poinsett is holding a meeting Oct. 1 at the pavilion in Lake Poinsett State Park.

It starts at 6 p.m. and they're inviting anyone who can to come and support the cause.

This initial plan was estimated to take three years.

Region 8 News has reached out to county officials and AGFC for a progress report on the project.

We’ll update that information when we hear back.

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