Struggling student writes teacher letter of thanks

A student slips her teachers a note of gratitude for never giving up on her. (Source: KAIT)
A student slips her teachers a note of gratitude for never giving up on her. (Source: KAIT)((Source: KAIT))
Published: Sep. 19, 2018 at 7:19 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Success Achievement Academy turned her thoughts into a message to express gratitude to teachers who never lost hope in her.

Cassie Russell, 18, who has spent three years at SAA, at one point lost all hope in her future.

“I never thought, I’d make it through school, I always thought I’d be a 17-year-old dropout,” said Russell.

Through the years, Russell struggled with attendance and couldn’t quite catch on to mathematics, leading to discouragement and nearly calling it quits.

That was until she gained trust in teachers Jennifer Snyder and Joshua Miller.

Snyder and Miller worked with Russell and gave her the extra push she needed to gain confidence.

The note Cassie Russell slipped her teacher.
The note Cassie Russell slipped her teacher.((Source: KAIT))

Now, Russell is months away from graduating, and she said she couldn’t do it without the love and support from her teachers.

So, Russell slipped a piece of paper in the hands of Snyder and Russell.

When they opened it, they saw in pink writing, words of thanks from Russell.

In part, the letter said, “Thank you literally for everything I know,” said Russell in the letters. “Thank you for being a best friend when I needed someone. Thank you for giving me multiple chances, but this is the last chance I’ll need.”

It touched the hearts of Snyder and Miller, the letter reassuring them of a job well done.

“I always say it to myself, If I can come into teaching and touch just one kid, then I've done my job,” said Snyder.

“Not only are we here to educate our students, we are here to guide them along the right path,” said Miller. “This letter really impacted me when I read it. It will be framed.”

Russell said if it wasn’t for her teachers, she wouldn’t have been able to share her success with us.

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