A Better Region 8: Hepatitis A outbreak continues

A Better Region 8: Hep A outbreak continues

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know there’s a Hepatitis A outbreak here in Region 8.

There have been 130 cases in northeast Arkansas and another 100 plus in southeast Missouri according to the health department.

Those are just the confirmed cases. We can safely assume there are plenty of undiagnosed cases.

The outbreak has killed one person.

Hepatitis attacks the liver.

I won’t go into the signs and symptoms in this editorial, but you can get a list of symptoms by going to kait8.com/health.

Hepatitis spreads easily which meaning it's a highly communicable illness like the flu or common cold.

The biggest culprit is that we don't wash our hands or wash them good enough.

A vaccine is available at local county health departments as well as most doctors' offices and pharmacies.

Scrub your hands, get vaccinated and protect yourself from Hepatitis A.

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