Caraway PD makes permanent PBT training move

Caraway PD makes permanent PBT training move

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT) - The Caraway Police Department is making permanent training moves after two officers were suspended after improperly administering breathalyzer tests on teens.

Last week, Region 8 News told you that Caraway police officers David Choate and Wyatt Wheaton administered breathalyzers to numerous teens without changing the tubes.

The officers were suspended for three days with no pay.

But now, Shannon Kelems, police chief, gave the two officers further PBT training so the same mistake won’t happen twice, and to reiterate the dangers of what could happen if the test isn’t done properly.

“I know what kind of diseases could possibly be out there and how serious of a matter this is,” said Kelems. “I don't want any child or person in the community or any other community in danger.”

Chief Kelems said this training is now a permanent requirement for all Caraway police officers and incoming officers.

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