Rain puts drainage project on hold

Rain puts drainage project on hold

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Recent heavy rains have put a damper on Brookland city workers trying to complete the town’s largest drainage project.

Crews have been working to improve drainage on Burnis Street, just blocks from the high school. They began by digging a detention pond around homes prone to flooding.

They’ve also added culverts and improved water flow into the surrounding ditches.

Heavy rains have halted Brookland's drainage project. (Source: KAIT)
Heavy rains have halted Brookland's drainage project. (Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT-TV)

But, that work came to a halt with the recent rains that left behind muddy, wet ground.

“This last weekend we caught about three-and three-quarter inches of rain in our rain gauge,” said Mayor Kenneth Jones. “Right now is a peak time for us to be completing projects, and this rain has slowed us down”

The drainage project should have been completed this week, but Jones said the finish date is uncertain.

“We hope to get started back on this work next week,” said Jones. “We are under a flood plain review and we are hoping that this detention pond, the culvert changes, and the ditch clean out, when it's all said and done in the end, it will help us with the flood map.”

Jones said once the project is finalized, the city will present it to the FTN, an engineering firm working with FEMA.

The hope is some of the town’s areas will be taken out of the flood plain.

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