West Memphis special needs school shutting down

West Memphis special needs school shutting down

West Memphis, AR (KAIT/WREG) - A West Memphis preschool is shutting down in the middle of the school year, ending lessons for many children with special needs.

Now parents are scrambling to figure out what to do next.

Ascent Children’s Health Services announced that they would close their doors on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

This comes over a year after a child died in their care after being locked in a hot van.

Lisa Bodnar told CNN affiliate WREG in Memphis, TN, that she has sent multiple kids through Ascent’s program, most recently, her daughter Maddie, who struggles with anxiety and other issues she was born with.

“Ascent was the only one who treated both the developmental delays for her as well as the psychological part,” Bodnar said.

According to the Arkansas Dept. of Human Services, almost 200 children go to Ascent, and many of them are on Medicaid.

Bodnar said that the school is the only place that would treat the behavioral health issues while providing education.

The school sent out a list of alternatives to parents, but parents say that those places don’t offer the same services as Ascent.

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