Event helps foster community, police relationship

Event fosters police, citizen relationships

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It’s a trend law enforcement is seeing across the country, witnesses not cooperating during investigations.

Whether it be for fear of retaliation or just not wanting to get involved, it's something law enforcement hopes to change.

Held in several neighborhoods in Jonesboro Tuesday night, National Night Out is an event attempting to do just that.

It's held in several locations across town, and it's about fostering a relationship between law enforcement and our community.

One location was in the West End neighborhood at City Water and Light Park.

There were Jonesboro police officers, firefighters, and several community members out enjoying music, food, and most importantly, each others' company.

Jonesboro K-9 Officer Jason Myers said every time he goes to events like this, he notices their impact.

"Most interactions with the police these days are unfortunately negative, this way gives a positive interaction," Myers said. "It allows them to come up in a non-threatening environment where they don't have to drive to the police station, they don't have to call us out to their house to be able to interact with us, get our attention and tell us 'hey we have some concerns and this is what we'd like to see done.'"

And for the kids that participated, it was just a lot of fun.

They got to play soccer, basketball, and hang out with officers and firefighters for a couple of hours.

Other locations were in the Fisher Street community and at Annie Camp Jr. High.

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