Doctor determines Sherra Wright was mentally stable at time of Lorenzen Wright’s murder

Sherra Wright, Billy Turner will report again on Nov. 29

Doctor determines Sherra Wright was mentally stable at time of Lorenzen Wright’s murder
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The two people accused of killing former University of Memphis and Grizzlies player Lorenzen Wright appeared back in court Friday.

The last time Sherra Wright was in court, her new defense lawyer asked for a mental evaluation.

The judge read the results of the evaluation Friday. He said a doctor was able to determine that Sherra was mentally stable at the time of the murder.

“Dr. Nichols has concluded that Ms. Wright is competent, that she is sane, that she is non-committable and does not need to be hospitalized,” Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee said.

Lorenzen Wright’s mother, Deborah Marion, said she never believed Sherra was crazy.

“How do you write a book and you crazy? Uh uh, that don’t work. You can’t be crazy Monday and be sane Tuesday,” she said.

Judge Coffee also touched on the fact that Wright wrote him a letter with several requests.

“I cannot have any conversations with you unless you are in court and all the lawyers are present. Do you understand that?" he asked.

“Yes sir. Thank you,” Sherra responded.

He didn’t go into detail about the contents of the letter, but her attorney Juni Ganguli later said it was a request to be moved to another pod in the women’s facility.

“Again she’s never been in any kind of trouble before so she didn’t know the procedures that you’re not supposed to write letters to the judge,” Ganguli said.

Turner’s attorney said Turner has exhausted his money on the investigation and has asked for assistance.

The judge agreed to declare him indigent and appoint him an investigator.

The two will once again appear in court on November 29. The judge said he hopes to conclude the case by the end of 2019.

A lot has happened since Sherra Wright and co-defendant Billy Turner were arrested almost a year ago for the death of Lorenzen Wright, and the case has not even gone to trial.

This summer, Wright's bond was increased to $20 million after a judge found out about her behavior in jail, which he called disturbing.

She’s accused of making derogatory comments to jail staff, passing food to other inmates, taking off all her clothes in her jail cell, and clogging the toilet and declaring she was going swimming.

Her defense team said those revelations made them question her mental health.

Her defense team then left the case, citing a deterioration of their relationship with Wright.

In August, her new defense lawyer requested a mental evaluation.

Lorenzen Wright was found shot to death in July 2010.

Just last month, Wright wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times, saying her and Lorenzen's story was a love story--not the horror story that's being depicted.

She also asked people to help raise money for her bond.

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