Tuesday’s GMR8 Foxhole with Trey Stafford

Tuesday's GMR8 Foxhole 10-09-18

FRANCE (KAIT/NBC News) - It’s a bird, it’s a plane, actually, it’s a bear.

The French government relocated two female bears by air from Slovenia to the Pyrenees Mountains.

Hunters wiped out the bear population in the Pyrenees in the 1990′s.

Over 100 farmers blocked roads to the mountain top in protest, claiming the bears are a threat to their livestock.

A helicopter delivered 7-year-old Claverina and 8-year-old Sorita to their new home.

Both bears weigh over 300 pounds.

Wildlife experts hope the bears will mate with two male bears in the region.

The French government estimates there are 43 bears living in the Pyrenees that straddle the French-Spanish border.

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