County is hopeful voter registration increase translates to the polls

County is hopeful voter registration increase translates to the polls
Officials are optimistic about voter registration increase. (Source: KAIT-TV)

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Elections are less than a month away.

And while recently voter turnout has been on the decline across the country, voter registration is actually up in Craighead County.

The uptick in voter registration has officials hoping to see the same increase on election day.

Craighead County Clerk Kade Holliday said it is common to see a jump in registration last minute right before the election.

However, since this is not a presidential election year, this jump has been more significant than usual.

And it's keeping officials optimistic for voter turnout at the polls.

“Normally we would expect a large uptick during a presidential year because there is a lot more interest in those years,” Holliday said. “But you have a lot of interesting local races that are happening here in the city of Jonesboro, as well in Caraway, Bono, and Bay that have really galvanized voters there and then an interesting annexation election happening in Brookland.”

For anyone participating in early voting, there will be three new sites in Brookland, Bono, and Bay.

Another new addition will be vote centers, so voters can cast their ballot at any polling location instead of their specified one.

Holliday said it’s all in an effort to make the voting process as easy and convenient as possible.

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