Turrell residents upset after storms flood homes

Heavy rain floods Turrell neighborhood

TURRELL, AR (KAIT) - Residents in one Crittenden County town are dealing with the after-effects of torrential rainfall.

According to a report from CNN affiliate WREG, residents on Gum Street in Turrell now have to deal with their neighborhood being underwater.

Residents said they’re angry at the city’s drainage culverts, saying it’s inexcusable seeing the drainage systems clog up and force storm water into their homes.

“It’s flooded beyond belief,” Alander Dyson, Turrell resident, said. “There’s no excuse for this, and we are tired.”

Mayor Dorothy Cooper, as well as city crews, were out Monday surveying the damage and ordered sandbags placed at several of the homes on Gum Street.

Cooper said she’s trying her best to get the state to assist with funds and asks that citizens be patient.

“I understand that my citizens are upset,” Cooper said. “I’m upset because I have reached out to try to bring in the necessary entities to help us to rectify this issue.”

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