Landscape advisory panel discusses changes to ordinance

Landscape advisory panel discuss changes to ordinance

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Landscape Ordinance Advisory Panel held another meeting Tuesday to review a proposed landscaping and tree preservation ordinance.

Developers, citizens, and a local engineer all attended the meeting to discuss implications that could occur if the ordinance passed.

The proposed ordinance is designed to improve the appearance of buildings, vehicle use areas, and encourage the preservation of existing trees.

David McClain, a city council member, said the panel hopes the ordinance will make positive changes to the city.

“The goal is to help us improve the overall appeal and feel of the city and that’s hopefully what will happen," McClain said.

According to McClain, this wasn’t the first time the panel had met.

“The ordinance was drafted months ago, and we’re on the final meeting at the city council.”

McClain said the landscaping committee was created to look at the ordinance and suggest any changes that needed to be made.

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