Proposal to lift highway weight restrictions in Tuckerman

Proposal to lift highway weight restrictions in Tuckerman
Meeting at Tuckerman City Hall presenting to the Arkansas Department of Transportation about weight restrictions and improvements needed to highway 37. (Source: KAIT-TV)

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) - Weight restrictions on a highway in Tuckerman have sparked interests to make changes.

A meeting at the City Hall in Tuckerman was held Thursday to present and discuss improvements needed to Highway 37, connecting Tuckerman and Grubbs to Highway 67.

Farm Bureau of Jackson County President Tommy Young said “Tuckerman is being bypassed and it provides inputs for agriculture. They don’t have access to it.”

Mayor David Dixon said this proposal would hopefully put Tuckerman back on the map.

“Technically we are on the map but if you are a commercial truck driver you are going to have a hard time finding us," Dixon said.

Farmer Kenneth Clark said the bridge is a 64,000-pound bridge and needs to accommodate at least 80,000 pounds.

“We are trying to get the weight on the highway raised,” Clark said. “A better road would also help our school buses that travel to the Grubbs area and pick up our students.”

Items of concern include:

  • Grubbs and Tuckerman’s alienation of commerce to Highway 67, 
  • Negative impacts to agriculture, 
  • Overall loss of city identity, 
  • Loss of future growth in affected communities.

The goal is to encourage the Arkansas Department of Transportation to research and explore the upgrading of this stretch of Highway 37.

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