New NEA Baptist Clinic opens in Brookland

New NEA Baptist Clinic opens in Brookland

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - The new NEA Baptist Clinic in Brookland opened its doors for the first time Monday.

Advanced Practice Nurse, Natalie Martin at NEA Baptist, said the clinic in Brookland has been around for over twenty years but now residents have a brand-new facility.

“We’re excited to have the access here on the highway to hopefully help provide access to those who might not have come through before,” Martin said. “The urgent care hours provide greater access for those sick call visits that might not want a full appointment, or might not wait a day or two, week or two.”

Mayor of Brookland, Kenneth Jones, said this is a great addition to the city.

“This is great,” Jones said. “Having a facility locally that I can drive to and having a walk-in clinic that’s open five days a week until 5:00 p.m."

The clinic has added expanded provider coverage with two extra LPN’s.

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