Arkansans want to know: What is Halloween?

Arkansans want to know: What is Halloween?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - What is Halloween?

Apparently, a lot of people in Arkansas and Missouri don’t know.

According to a survey by CenturyLinkQuote using Google Trends, Arkansans and Missourians seem to be unclear about the holiday, because they search “What is Halloween?” the most.

Of course, we’re not the only ones.

People in Iowa, Tennessee and Vermont are asking the same question.

Meanwhile, folks in Georgia, Ohio, and Virginia know what Halloween is, they just want to know if it’s satanic.

In other states, people are searching for tips on carving pumpkins, couples costumes, and sugar-free candy.

What people are Googling as Halloween approaches.
What people are Googling as Halloween approaches. (Source: CenturyLinkQuote)

Each state’s most Googled query:

  • Alabama--Halloween Makeup
  • Alaska--Sexy Halloween Costume
  • Arizona--Halloween Makeup
  • Arkansas--What is Halloween?
  • California--Best Halloween Pranks
  • Colorado--Best Halloween Candy
  • Connecticut--Halloween Party
  • Delaware--Couples Costume Ideas
  • District of Columbia--Halloween Pick Up Lines
  • Florida--Halloween Party
  • Georgia--Is Halloween Satanic?
  • Hawaii--Cat Makeup
  • Idaho--Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  • Illinois--Razor Blade in Candy
  • Indiana--Witching Hour
  • Iowa--What is Halloween?
  • Kansas--Halloween Party
  • Kentucky--Baby Costume Ideas
  • Louisiana--Halloween Party
  • Maine--Couples Costume Ideas
  • Maryland--Halloween Party
  • Massachusetts--Best Halloween Candy
  • Michigan--What Time Does Trick or Treat Start?
  • Minnesota--Sugar Free Candy
  • Mississippi--Halloween Makeup
  • Missouri--What is Halloween?
  • Montana--Ouija Board
  • Nebraska--Cat Makeup
  • Nevada--Sugar Free Candy
  • New Hampshire--Devil Makeup
  • New Jersey--Curfew
  • New Mexico--Halloween Makeup
  • New York--Halloween Party
  • North Carolina--What Time Does Trick or Treat Start?
  • North Dakota--Couples Costume Ideas
  • Ohio--Is Halloween Satanic?
  • Oklahoma--Sugar Free Candy
  • Oregon--Sugar Free Candy
  • Pennsylvania--Razor Blade in Candy
  • Rhode Island--Halloween Makeup
  • South Carolina--Halloween Pick Up Lines
  • South Dakota--Halloween Memes
  • Tennessee--What is Halloween?
  • Texas--Halloween Party
  • Utah--Halloween Makeup
  • Vermont--What is Halloween?
  • Virginia--Is Halloween Satanic?
  • Washington--Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  • West Virginia--How to TP
  • Wisconsin--Pumpkin Carving Ideas
  • Wyoming--Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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