Lawrence County is ACT work ready

Lawrence County is ACT work ready

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) -The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce announced Friday that the county became ACT work-ready certified.

The certification is in part based on test scores but also based on feedback from businesses, who will start looking for that particular certification.

“For a business to locate here, they’re gonna want to know number one, do you even have a workforce that can do the job,” Frances Cavenaugh, State Representative for District 60, said. “Well, if we can show that not only do we have the workforce, but we have a trained workforce, it gets us in the eyes of more people to look at locating jobs here.”

Cavenaugh helped get the Chamber on the path towards becoming ACT work-ready, with the process taking two years to complete.

She said that a standard for finding better employees has been something that Lawrence County employers have been requesting for years.

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