Polio survivor shares story at Rotary Club of Jonesboro

Polio survivor speaks at Rotary Club

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Rotary Club of Jonesboro welcomed a guest speaker at a meeting on Tuesday.

Rotarian of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Carl Chinnery, is a survivor of polio and shares that his four brothers also had polio in 1942.

“My oldest brother died within 72 hours,” Chinnery said. “The rest of us went through iron lungs and rehab.”

Chinnery says Rotary has been on a mission to eradicate polio since 1985.

“We have done such a good job eradicating polio from 350,000 cases a year from 1985 down to only twenty-two cases so far this year," Chinnery said. “It’s important to continue to keep this in front of people and raise money.”

Foundation Chair of Rotary Club of Jonesboro, Carl Cates, said it’s important to raise funds to eradicate this disease and hopes to continue to raise awareness about polio and fulfill their mission in Jonesboro and the world.

“We actually work to raise funds to address Polio year round," Cates said.

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