Chancellors finalize agreement to help students transition into four year college

Ceremonial signing for college students

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A new agreement between Arkansas State University and the University of Arkansas Community College Batesville will provide students with new options for their future, officials said Wednesday.

The agreement was formalized at the University of Arkansas Community College Batesville with Arkansas State University during an event Wednesday and was attended by the chancellors of both schools.

Chancellor of Arkansas State University, Kelly Damphousse said students will have questions about what to do when they want to transfer.

“There are a lot of reasons that students will start at a community college and many of them are thinking about going to a four-year school when they leave here,” Damphousse said. “Other students are not thinking about that now but halfway through, they will decide you know, I think I will go to a four-year school.”

Chancellor of University of Arkansas Community College Batesville Deborah Frazier said students don’t have to worry about losing credits if they want to transfer.

“The coursework will allow them to transfer without losing any credits,” Frazier said. “All the coursework they have taken with their Associate’s degree will be utilized into their major program of study what they’re going to earn their Bachelor’s degree in.”

The agreement will help community college students transition and understand their options at a four-year college, officials said.

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