Study: Voters from smaller states have more political power this fall

Study: Voters from smaller states have more political power this fall
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(KAIT) - The voters who live in smaller states have more political pull this November than the people from larger states, one recent study showed.

According to the study from Wallet Hub, it took a look at the states with the most and least influential voters in the country.

“We did so by calculating the number of elected officials in the federal government per adult population in each state for the most recent election years,” Wallet Hub said on its website. “We also conducted year-over-year comparisons of the same calculations. With the results of our study, we hope to engage the public in a lively discussion about the current voting system.”

The ratings added the voting power of the Senate, House and Governor’s office in each state and gave additional weight to the ratings if there was a tossup in a particular state.

There are 435 members of the U.S. House, with the membership based on population in the 50 states; while there are 100 members of the U.S. Senate, with each state having two senators who are elected.

Wyoming was listed as the top state for voting power, followed by Vermont, North Dakota and Alaska. Each of the four have only one U.S. House member.

Arkansas is listed at number 20 out of 50th, while Missouri is 45th overall.

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