The benefits of strength training exercises

The benefits of strength training exercises
Strength training has multiple benefits. (Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) -A new survey found 60% of U.S. adults fall short of the minimum amount of muscle strengthening exercise recommended by experts.

Strength training can be a beneficial component of your exercise routine.

Debi Lofstrand at Neon Cycle and Strength believes that common misconceptions like the fear that women will bulk up too much are probably why so many Americans are skipping out on strength training.

The minimum recommended muscle strengthening exercises are two or more strength training sessions a week.

“People are definitely intimidated by the weight station in the olden days, maybe ten years ago ladies were not seen as often in the weight room, because it was a male part of the gym," Lofstrand said.

The study found people who performed regular strength training had more power and endurance, which improves metabolism, blood pressure, and bone density, along with reducing anxiety.

“Muscle is more metabolically active so at rest, your body is still burning these calories where you don’t get that with a cardio-only workout. You get that with a strength workout," Lofstrand said.

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