Region 8 students make comfort dolls for hospital

Region 8 students make comfort dolls for hospital

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Service Learning students at Batesville High School made comfort dolls.

Their purpose is to make hospital visits brighter for young children at the White River Medical Center.

Family & Consumer Science Teacher at Batesville High School Carolyn Hubbell said she found the idea after searching for community service activities for her students.

“I told my students about it," Hubbell said. "They were up for the challenge.“

The students then started worked over several weeks to make the dolls.

Batesville High School student Jada Johnson said the dolls will help young patients communicate easier with their doctors.

“The dolls are plain so that the patients could draw on them," Johnson said. "Use the dolls to show how they feel to the doctors.”

M.D. Pediatrician at White River Medical Center Gwenevere White said these dolls will help them communicate to their patients as well.

“We can use dolls to really get down on their level," Dr. Whtie said. "Use dolls to show them what’s happening. Whether it be a procedure, they need to get a cast or if they need to get shots. We can show them with the dolls.”

Batesville High School Hannah Driver said she is hopeful the dolls will create a positive experience for the patients.

“As a teenager, I know going to the hospital is really scary," Driver said. "So something big and scary like that, I feel that these dolls can help them with their experiences.”

The students made a total of 31 comfort dolls and will deliver them tomorrow at White River Medical Center.

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