Memphis International Airport proves cheaper fares help with growth

Memphis International Airport proves cheaper fares help with growth
It is impressive driving up to Memphis International Airport with the new gleaming face of the parking garage as the first sight.

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Leaders at Memphis International released new numbers Friday, showing continued growth.

Average fares are down roughly $170 from the Delta hub days and officials said flight capacity is increasing.

Airport Authority CEO Scott Brockman said they are on track to recover nicely.

From September 2017 to September 2018, airlines added roughly 500 seats daily and passengers filled them at nearly the same rate.

99 percent of passengers at Memphis are now origin and destination customers, meaning they're starting and ending their trip here.

During the hub days that number was around 20 to 25 percent.

Memphian Joycelyn Dickerson said it's quicker and much easier to fly now.

"We had plenty of air service as a hub not all of them were very affordable for the regular citizen going on a vacation. Now we've brought that affordability into the airport and we are seeing a response," said Brockman.

He said talks continue to court new airlines and new destinations to Memphis.

The wish list includes direct service to Boston, the San Francisco Bay area and Raleigh-Durham.

"We do have a demand for air service and if they provide that service the passengers will fill those seats," said Brockman.

Work has started on concourse B for demolition and reconstruction, in a $245 million dollar modernization plan.

The target completion date is 2021.

Airport officials said they are expecting a very busy thanksgiving season because of passenger growth, bigger planes and lower fares.

They advised to arrive early, if you’re traveling in the next few weeks.

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