Relieving stress with a “rage room”

Relieving stress with a “rage room”
A new form of "therapy" has been a smashing success. (Source: NBC)

(KAIT/NBC) - It’s a unique way to relieve stress and you could say it’s all the “rage" across the country.

“Rage rooms” are popping up everywhere to help people take out some aggression.

Nate Stutz owns Phat Axe, a smash-room he opened about a month ago, making it the first of its kind in Utah.

It’s a place where you go to pulverize your problems.

Basically, you smash a bunch of stuff to help you feel better.

“Every time the bottle would smash and you saw all the million pieces you’re like, ‘yeah, I did that!’," said smash-room patron Kaleigh Fox.

But is it really good for your mental health?

An article in Psychology Today says no...claiming you are conditioning yourself to become aggressive the next time your anxiety levels rise.

But, Stutz disagrees.

“You come in here, you break things, you feel better and you leave happy. It’s a good therapy session,” Stutz said.

Participants have to be age 18 and up and it costs about $10 for five minutes of smashing time.

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