Search continues for missing woman in Jonesboro

Search continues for missing woman in Jonesboro

Two months later, there are still no leads.

Lisa Prescott’s sister, Kathy Elliott, said it’s very unusual for her to leave without notice.

Elliott said what’s even stranger is that she left without locking her home, leaving everything inside.

“For her to be out of pocket," Elliott said. "To not be reaching out to anyone, is very unlike her.”

Elliott said initially there were a lot of organized searches, but lately, more small groups and individuals are looking for her.

“We all just feel that she is lost or missing," Elliott said. "I know she has some health issues and that may be a reason she hasn’t contacted us.”

Prescott’s sister, Sandy Fender, said she is remaining hopeful, and shared this message for her sister: “Do whatever you can to give us some kind of signal. Some kind of sign to let us know where you are at.”

If you know anything about her disappearance, contact the Jonesboro Police Department at (870) 935-5562.

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