JPS embraces National Family Literacy Month

JPS embraces National Family Literacy Month
Jonesboro Public Schools embraces National Family Literacy Month through a challenge designed for parents and children. (Source: JPS Facebook Page)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A challenge developed by Jonesboro Public Schools has both students and their parents reading.

The district has embraced National Family Literacy Month and is encouraging parents to read at home with their children.

To celebrate reading this month, JPS has developed exercises for parents to do at home.

They are encouraged to upload short videos and pictures of them reading with their children.

The District School Improvement Specialist and Parent Family Engagement Coordinator, Misty Doyle, has been doing the exercises with her own son at home.

“Sparking an interest to read at home is really important,” said Doyle. “Reading with my son has been such a joy; to see him develop a love for reading through maybe my own reading with expression, and finding books that he loves.”

Studies prove that reading with your child is the most important activity in preparing children to be able to read on their own.

The exercises include:

1. Week of November 5-9: Record a short video of a book talk with your child. The book talk should be no longer that 2 minutes, 30 seconds and should include the book title, a short summary, and why you would recommend the book. Make sure your book talk post is public on your social media with the hashtags #CanesRead #RISEArkansas#NationalFamilyLiteracyMonth #CaneClassroom. We will showcase some of the book talks on our district social media sites during the week of November 5.

2. Week of November 12-16: The challenge is to take a picture of your child reading in his/her favorite location. Post this picture to your social media site with the hashtags #CanesRead #RISEArkansas #NationalFamilyLiteracyMonth #CaneClassroom

3. Week of November 19-23: Post a short video (no longer than 2:30) of you and your child making your favorite Thanksgiving recipe. We want to promote nonfiction reading during this week. The goal is to highlight reading is a part of our every day lives. Use the hashtags #CanesRead #RISEArkansas #NationalFamilyLiteracyMonth #CaneClassroom

4. Week of November 26-30: Take a picture of your child's favorite nonfiction (informational) book and write a quick summary of why he/she would recommend the book. Use the hashtags #CanesRead #RISEArkansas #NationalFamilyLiteracyMonth #CaneClassroom

Doyle added a few additional things that the district is doing for National Family Literacy Month.

“We’re encouraging parents to take pictures of their kids reading in their favorite places,” said Doyle. “Another thing that we’re doing is encouraging non-fiction reading. We read all the time and so during Thanksgiving week we’re going to encourage families to video themselves cooking something for Thanksgiving, and reading the recipe together.”

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