Busted pipe leads to courthouse relocation, possible asbestos

Busted pipe leads to courthouse relocation

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A water pipe burst in the vanity of the third-floor bathroom at Jackson County Court House has forced offices to relocate until further notice.

Jackson County Judge Jeff Phillips said he received a call from the maintenance supervisor around 6am on Nov. 14.

Phillips said they immediately called a plumber to fix the water leak and cause is unknown.

“Not sure if it is caused from the cold or age.” Phillips said. “It’s the first time this has happened.”

Jackson County Court House was built in 1892 and because of the Court House age, Phillips is concerned about Asbestos issues.

Phillips called an Environmentalist from Little Rock to come in to look for Asbestos and said they will check for any issues on Nov. 15.

Phillips said Asbestos is a material used in construction in the 30’s, 40’s and up to the 70’s.

“If disturbed or airborne you can have lung issues and develop into lung cancer,” Phillips said. “We want to make sure there are no issues to cause problems later on.”

The circuit clerk office and tax collector office were the only two offices with major water damage.

“All of our records did not get damaged,” Phillips said. “Computer people are checking systems to verify they are good and not damaged.”

The circuit clerk office and tax collector office will be temporarily relocated to Village Mall in Newport until further notice.

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