Safety tips and reminders during hunting season

Safety tips and reminders during hunting season
Hunting season safety tips and reminders. (Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It’s hunting season and safety reminders can help ensure a safe but enjoyable experience.

President of DNW Outdoors Dennis Noell said firearm safety is extremely important.

“If you’re hunting, you see something, make sure you identify what it is," Noell said. "Be sure you know what you are shooting.”

Noell said safety comes in all forms and they sell a number of items to help ensure hunters stay safe.

“We sell a ton of ratchet straps, hunter safety systems every year, hunter orange,” Noell said. “Do everything you can and more because you never know when an accident might happen.”

Facility Director at Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center Shaun Merrell said more accidents occur in the state of Arkansas from falling out of tree stands than actually firearm misuse.

“First, make sure you check your tree stand," Merrell said. "Make sure your ratchet straps are okay. Make sure everything is safely operating as far as steps, and clips. Also always use a safety vest.”

Merrell encourages hunting and reminds us that hunting education is required in the state of Arkansas for anyone 16 years or older.

The Nature Center offers a 10-hour student course with an option to take the course online to learn about firearm safety, wildlife management, and regulations.

For more information about the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center, click here.

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