GRAPHIC: Woman survives CA mass shooting, loses home in wildfire

48 hours of horror for family, but they all survived

GRAPHIC: Woman survives CA mass shooting, loses home in wildfire
A California family lost its home days after their daughter survived the deadly bar shooting in Thousand Oaks. (Source: KCAL/KCBS/CNN)

MALIBU, CA (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) - A family is alive despite losing their home in a wildfire, just days after their daughter made it safely out of the Borderline bar during a deadly shooting.

"The fire was everywhere," Carmen Edman said.

Carmen Edman described her family's harrowing escape from Malibu on Thursday night as the fire raged around them. The frantic moments came barely 24 hours after her daughter, Deseriee, survived the shooting inside the Borderline nightclub.

"I was in panic mode since Wednesday night, since that phone call,' Carmen Edman said.

Their home burned to the ground. It was 48 hours of horror for one family, but all of them kept their perspective - they all survived.

"(It's) two near-death experiences you don't expect," Deseriee Edman said.

She said she's still processing what happened at Borderline and the fire.

"I'm trying to stay strong as possible for my family and my friends," she said. "And I'm trying to look at everything as positive as I can, even though it's hard to do in these types of situations."

The family knows their situation could be worse.

“Twelve aren’t going home, didn’t go home (from the shooting),” Carmen Edman said. “Ron didn’t go home, neither did Justin, neither did Christina. All these people that were there, good people.”

The family credited Sgt. Ron Helus, the sheriff's deputy who died in the shooting, for keeping their family whole. They attended his procession Thursday.

"It's really tragic this happened in our city and Borderline and that Ron had to pass. It's just tragic," Carmen Edman said.

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