Man strikes 2 officers with vehicle in South Memphis

Man strikes 2 officers with vehicle in South Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two officers were hit by a car in an attempt to detain a suspect in South Memphis.

The officers were responding to an armed party call in the 200 block of Elder Road.

The suspect fled the scene in a car, striking the officers.

One officer was transported to a hospital in non-critical condition with a minor leg injury.

Rovonda Green, who works nearby, said she wasn’t expecting to get off work and come home to a crime scene.

“Just senseless. I mean just stop, because you’re putting your life in danger, other people’s lives in danger and it shouldn’t come to this,” said Green.

Two cars were totaled in a situation that could have ended in tragedy.

“And now their holiday is messed up and families don’t know what to do right now because of somebody else,” said Green.

It came to a finish with a violent car crash.

The suspect struck another car and a fire hydrant, once he drove off from the scene.

He is now in custody and is being transported in critical condition due to injuries received from the crash.

The suspect also had children in the car with him when he fled the scene. The children were transported to Lebonheur with only minor injuries.

“That is sad, that is sad. I hope everybody is ok because the way that car look, it’s a mess, it’s a mess,” said Green.

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