A Better Region 8: Filling the Food Bank

A Better Region 8: Filling the Food Bank

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -From the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas, The Jonesboro Radio Group and KAIT, we would like to say, thank you.

Thank you for your food and monetary donations this week as we gathered to Fill the Food Bank.

Each penny, each can, each box will help feed our neighbors right here in Region 8.

When asked, we show up, and did you!

Our goal this year was to collect enough food and money to provide 150,000 meals.

We beat that goal, collecting enough for nearly 190,000 meals.

Our hungry neighbors, more than you may realize, will have a better Thanksgiving, a better Christmas, and a better 2019, thanks to you.

190,000 meals are a lot but remember: Our food bank is spread out across more than 20 counties, and we have some of the highest food insecurity rates, especially among the young and elderly, in the country.

You helped ease that need.

Again, from all of us in the KAIT family, thank you for Filling the Food Bank. It truly makes this A Better Region 8.

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