Robotic deer built to catch poachers

WI company builds decoys for law enforcement

Robotic deer built to catch poachers

KRONENWETTER, WI (WSAW/CNN) – A flick of the tail and a turn of the head is all it takes for a robotic deer to come to life.

The robots are made in the Custom Robotic Wildlife workshop, where owner Brian Wolslegel and his family have been constructing robotic taxidermy for about 20 years.

Wolslegel has created moving animals for movies, commercials and businesses, but his main clients are wildlife law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

He said poaching causes a lot of problems that put the public at risk. For example: "If they shoot off the roadways and [the bullet] misses, and it heads into somebody’s house.”

Law enforcement officials have told Wolslegel that his robots are effective.

"I just had a guy from Nova Scotia that took his out of the box, and the first guy that came down the road shot it, hit it in the neck and pretty much destroyed all of this,” he said, pointing to the neck of one of his robots. “So, he kept it out there and another guy came by and the head wasn't even moving, and he still shot it again."

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