60th annual Williams Baptist University Tournament begins Monday

60th annual Williams Baptist University Tournament begins Monday
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Walnut Ridge, AR (KAIT) - The 60th annual Williams Baptist University high school basketball tournament is set to begin Monday in Walnut Ridge. A number of both boys and girls teams from around the area are set to participate. Here is the initial schedule.

Monday 11/26:

Hillcrest girls vs Walnut Ridge girls- 4:30

Hillcrest boys vs. Walnut Ridge boys- 5:50

Sloan-Hendrix boys vs. Riverside boys- 7:10

Corning boys vs. Maynard boys- 8:30

Tuesday 11/27:

Tuckerman girls vs. Sloan-Hendrix girls- 4:30

Corning girls vs. Rector girls- 5:50

Maynard girls vs. Pocahontas girls- 7:10

Marmaduke girls vs. Hillcrest/Walnut Ridge girls winner- 8:30

Wednesday 11/28:

Marmaduke boys vs. Corning/Maynard boys winner- 4:30

Bay boys vs. Sloan-Hendrix/Riverside boys winner- 5:50

Pocahontas boys vs. Rector boys- 7:10

Tuckerman boys vs. Hillcrest/Walnut Ridge boys winner- 8:30

Thursday 11/29:

Girls semifinals- 4:30 and 7:10

Boys semifinals- 5:50 and 8:30

Friday 11/30:

Girls final- 6:00

Boys final- 7:30

All games to be played on the campus of Williams Baptist University.

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