A Better Region 8: Dealing with seasonal depression

A Better Region 8: Seasonal Depression

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder and, for some of us, it triggers seasonal depression.

Maybe you’re coping with the loss of loved ones during the holidays.

Maybe it’s more subtle like changes in mood, sleeping, appetite, and behavior.

I can tell you my attitude gets worse in the winter months. I also gain weight, But I’m not sure if it’s depression or all the holiday food I eat and don’t exercise because it’s too cold outside.

Whatever it is, I have to pay attention to my mental state of mind.

If you’re like that too, there are things we can do: exercise, light therapy, and adjusting your sleep schedule are all recommended.

You may also want to see a doctor to get checked out and make sure you tell them you’re feeling blue.

A changing season can bring you down, don’t let it. Be proactive and talk to someone.

The holidays are meant to be festive times.

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