Deer bursts through courthouse window

Deer crashes into Cross Co., AR Courthouse

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) -As a group of Region 8 residents were wrapping up their work day, they got the surprise of their life!

Around 4:30 pm on Monday, Nov. 26, people working in the Cross County Courthouse were finishing things up for the day when a crashing noise stopped all work.

A deer broke through one of the glass doors in the foyer.

Cross County Tax Collector Debbie Davis said she was shocked.

“I was sitting here minding my own business working on the computer and I heard a loud boom,” Davis said. “I looked out and glass was flying out in the lobby and I noticed a deer walking by! At first, I thought someone was pulling a joke on me. Come to find out she was in the foyer. Apparently. a couple of workers were leaving and they scared her and instead of running the other way she came in through the glass.”

(Source: Cross County, AR Tax Collector's Office)
(Source: Cross Co., AR Tax Collector's Office)

A wildlife officer came out to the courthouse, trapped the animal in an area of the jail and managed to release her out the sally port where the cars are parked outside.

Davis said the deer had cuts on her from the glass, but didn’t appear to have any major injuries.

The only damage to the courthouse was the window she came through.

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