A Better Region 8: Ronnie Weston

A Better Region 8 - KAIT's Ronnie Weston retires after 50 years

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This week, our News Operations Manager Ronnie Weston retired from KAIT.

Ronnie celebrated 50 years of service to Region 8 back in August.

Yes, that means he started working here in 1968.

Ronnie said he started out here when he was a teenager, cleaning up after the construction crew working on this very room.

A camera operator didn't show up for work - so they asked him to come inside and help out.

Ronnie’s been at KAIT ever since.

He’s worked in a number of positions, including for the past few decades, as our operations manager.

He has been responsible for our studio and the equipment inside of it and has done an amazing job taking care of every square inch of it.

So this week, General Manager Hatton Weeks dedicated the studio to Ronnie.

This room will now be known as the Ronnie Weston Studios at KAIT.

Ronnie - thanks for over 50 great years at KAIT, serving the people of Region 8.

We hope you get to spend more time with family and more time at your favorite fishing spot.

You have certainly made this a Better Region 8.

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