School district displays advertisers on bus

School district displays advertisers on bus

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - There’s more on the side of one school’s buses than the name!

The Batesville School District has school buses that display advertisements on them.

Revenue from the ads will help pay for upgraded cameras on all the buses.

Brandi Cannday, transportation director for the school district, said the cameras are important because they help keep the students and bus driver safe.

“Say there’s a fight or something gets stolen or a child gets wrote up,” Cannday asked. “We can go on camera and I can show the principals exactly what happened.”

Some of the sponsors that help pay for the cameras are Citizens Bank, Southern Bank, Tripps Supply, Hawgs, Wades and First Community Bank.

Cannday said there are 50 buses and they have 39 routes.

ProVision will install four cameras on each bus in January.

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