Clay County Jail facing cutbacks, making changes

Clay County Jail facing cutbacks, making changes

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) -Budget talks in Clay County resulted in less money for the Sheriff’s Office, meaning they’ll have to make big changes.

Starting next year, women will no longer be held in the county jail.

Female inmates get the same food and facilities as the men, but they have to be kept separate.

But Sheriff Terry Miller said the changes are less severe than it could be.

“That’s the biggest change that we made. We’ve cut back on every avenue that we could," Miller said. “This was the lesser of the two evils.”

Sheriff Miller said he's in talks with Greene county in working out a deal to house the female inmates for the time being.

Jailers who work with the women will have to be laid off.

Miller says the department is going to do their best to be able to house the female prisoners again.

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