Randolph County rescue pets in peril

Randolph County rescue pets in peril

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -It’s a dire situation for homeless animals and those trying to save them.

Randolph County doesn’t have pickup in the county.

Instead animals are dumped in Pocahontas, the only place with animal control.

Picked up animals have 14 days to be claimed.

The Randolph County Humane Society doesn’t have an animal shelter, so all pets stay with fosters until they’re adopted or sent to rescues in other states.

This puts a big strain on volunteers who give their time and money to help these animals.

A volunteer for Friends of Pocahontas Animal Control Sandra Bryant said there’s just not enough help.

“We don’t have enough people to foster them," Bryant said. "It just never ends out there. It’s like it’s always full, and we’re always begging for fosters or rescues..or adopters.”

Randolph County currently has only ten foster homes in the area.

A big problem for them now is taking in dogs with heartworms.

This then makes them hold on to these pets for months and require hundreds of dollars in order to nurse them back to health.

If you want to become a foster or adopt a fostered pet in Randolph County, contact the Randolph County Humane Society on Facebook.

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