New mayor taking office in Hoxie

New mayor taking office in Hoxie

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - A new mayor will be taking office in the city of Hoxie come January.

Dennis Coggins won in the runoff against incumbent Lanny Tinker, and is set to take office on Jan. 1.

“The elderly are the ones that asked me to run," Coggins said. "Because our ditches are stopped up and there’s not been some improvement.”

Coggins ran for the mayor’s office twice before, in 2010 and 2014, both against Tinker.

“I think the people see that we were telling the truth," Coggins said. "From the first time running for office that there needs to be more ditching going on and things to help the people out in Hoxie.”

Coggins grew up in the area and said he already has plans to help the city grow, while in office.

“This is a great little old town," said Coggins. “We might not have a big tax base, but we’ve got a bunch of great people in Hoxie.”

Some points he plans to focus on include working on ditches to help with street and city flooding and introducing new businesses to help raise sales tax in the city.

“Our services are cut down because we don’t have a big tax base," Coggins said. "but there’s still things that we can do for the citizens of Hoxie that don’t cost that much.”

Coggins said he also hopes to work with the surrounding towns and cities to help one another grow and improve the overall community in Lawrence County.

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