Too much fast food consumption across America

Too much fast food consumption across America

(KAIT) - Alarming new studies show that one in three Americans are eating fast food every day.

Lindsay Malone, a registered dietitian, said meals offered at those restaurants are larger than the amount of food most people regularly eat.

Those foods contain white refined flours, which can spike blood sugar, leading to crashes throughout the day.

A large soda adds on several hundred more calories.

Malone said there are better options for those looking to eat healthy meals.

“Going into a local grocery store, utilizing their salad bar, or their prepared foods section, where they’re going to have some healthier options that provide more nutritional value for the calories that you’re consuming,” Malone said.

However, Malone said if you’re in a pinch, opt for a smaller portion size, like a children’s meal.

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