A Better Region 8: Helping Hungry Children

A Better Region 8: Helping Hungry Children - 12-6-18

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - School is almost out and that means our kids and grand kids will be ready to celebrate the holidays.

This time - however - is less joyous for some of our children. For about one in four children, when school is out, they don't have access to enough food.

Think about that…every fourth child you see right here in our community doesn't have access to enough food.

Thankfully - backpack programs help fill the gap for some children. It works like this - foods like soups, ravioli, and healthy snacks that kids can cook or easily open are put in a backpack and sent home.

The food can be eaten after school or on weekends. Schools and food pantries work together to discretely identify hungry children. And while the backpack program should look like this - plenty of backpacks - it's not.

There are more than 20,000 food-insecure children in Region 8, and it takes about $150 per year to provide enough food in this program for one child.

Right now - there's an easy way to help out -- country music star Jason Aldean and Greenway Equipment teamed up to give his personal John Deere Gator to three area food banks.

For a suggested $10 donation, you get a chance to win the gator Jason had on his personal farm near Nashville.

It’s still in great condition by the way. To donate and enter the contest go to this website or go by any Greenway Equipment store.

All proceeds go straight to the food banks in Jonesboro, Little Rock and Sikeston. We're going to give the vehicle away live right here on KAIT next month.

For a suggested $10 donation, you can help our next generation worry about school and the future and not the feeling of hunger.

Such a small gesture that will make this a better Region 8.

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