A new study details link between obesity and asthma

A new study details link between obesity and asthma
Approximately 7.6 percent of the US Population has some form of asthma.

DALLAS, TX (NBC/KAIT) -New research has uncovered a link between asthma and obesity, specifically in children.

This study, published in Pediatrics, shows that about a quarter of new asthma cases in obese children were directly caused by their obesity.

It also showed that children who were obese were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with asthma.

Dr. Preeti Sharma at Children’s Health said the reasons why obesity is linked to asthma are not known for sure.

“There are studies that tell us that being obese leads to higher levels of inflammation in the body," Dr. Shama said. "Asthma is partially an inflammatory process as well.”

Dr. Sharma said limiting an obese child's activity, to avoid an asthma flare-up, isn't suggested.

Research showed when kids or adults lose weight, their asthma can get better.

“So talking to a doctor about getting your child on the appropriate asthma therapies is important," Dr. Sharma said. "So that there asthma is well controlled is going to be very important.”

According research about six million children in the U.S. are affected by asthma, that makes it the most common chronic lung disease in childhood.

Experts said obesity is estimated to lead to 250,000 new cases of adult asthma each year.

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