FEMA changing the flood plain in Craighead County

FEMA changing the flood plain in Craighead County

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) -FEMA officials are making changes that just might have a financial impact on Region 8 residents.

Leaders from all over Craighead County met in Brookland on Dec. 10 to discuss changes to the flood plain in the area.

The revisions of the FEMA flood plain maps are being made because the old maps are outdated and don’t represent the development that’s been made in the area.

Those changes to the flood plain will require folks who live in the the flood plain zone to purchase flood insurance if they don’t have it already.

FEMA Region 6 Program Specialist John Bourdeau said there is less change in developed areas.

“A lot of those were agricultural areas," Bourdeau said. “So a lot of that was showing up on the maps. The more developed areas, the changes seem to be less.”

One of the biggest changes was in Bay, where nearly the entire town was covered in the flood plain.

Some portions have been removed.

Changes to the plain are also happening in Bono and Brookland, but few changes will take place in Jonesboro.

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