Gosnell Mayor Elect Teresa Walker makes history

Gosnell Mayor Elect Teresa Walker makes history

GOSNELL, AR (KAIT) -Voters in Gosnell made history Dec. 4 when electing the city’s new mayor.

Teresa Walker is the first woman in the city’s history to become the mayor-elect in Gosnell.

Walker won in a runoff election and will be sworn in on Jan. 1.

She said she has big plans after she takes office.

“My kids are going to be growing up here in the community so, I want to make sure that the community stays striving, growing, and not wasting away,” Walker said. “I want it to continue to grow.”

Walker hopes the growth will include bringing more businesses to the Gosnell area.

She also wanted the people of Gosnell to know how grateful she is for the opportunity.

“I’m very thankful and humbled that the people of Gosnell have put confidence and faith in electing me to lead our community forward,” Walker said.

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