New therapy making noise for PTSD patients

New therapy making noise for PTSD patients
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NATIONAL (NBC/KAIT) -There are several forms of treatment for PTSD, but a relatively new one is beginning to grab the attention of therapists.

A facility in North Carolina is offering Accelerated Resolution Therapy or ART.

Former soldier Joe Lobban has been deployed into combat six times and now suffers from PTSD.

“I started showing signs and symptoms of PTSD in 2009,” Lobban said. “It was sfter my deployment to Iraq and it went untreated until I returned from Afghanistan from my 2013 deployment.”

Lobban has been undergoing ART, a form of therapy designed to resolve traumatic memory through relation and memory visualization.

Amber Kennedy owns a counseling center in North Carolina and currently going through the training with clients.

“I do about three ART sessions a day in my office,” Kennedy said. “But the word is getting out and my clients are coming back the following week in tears, both men and women, saying thank you so much. I’ve never had this relief.”

One ART instructor said that the current statistic for veteran suicide is 21 a day and that many ART patients have stated they believed this therapy saved them.

If you’d like to know more about the Accelerated Resolution Therapy program, click here.

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