How to keep your chimney safe during the holidays

How to keep your chimney safe during the holidays

(KAIT/NBC) - It's that time of year where the weather cools down and many use chimneys to keep themselves warm.

However, experts suggest you make sure your chimney is safe to use.

According to a report from NBC, one resident uncovered an issue when the smoke from her chimney poured back into her home, despite her opening the damper.

According to Vick Jakupi, owner of Approved Chimney, said that’s a common problem and, installed a new chimney into the homeowner’s residence.

The newer dampers now contain springs and a chain lever.

Jakupi said to make sure your damper is open the next time you open your chimney.

“If the springs fail, or it’s not properly open or adjusted, it may create a problem,” Jakupi said. “And the reason why it’s gonna create a problem is you think it’s released all the way, and it may not. Maybe its locked in a halfway position or if it’s not fully opened, therefore it’s gonna be an issue with the smoke.”

Jakupi also said if you use your fireplace often, it should be inspected at least once a year.

This way there’s no buildup of creosote, which can block the damper from opening all the way.

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