Missouri AG Hawley teaming up to stop robocalls

Missouri AG Hawley teaming up to stop robocalls

SPRINGFIELD, MO (KAIT) -In order to prevent you from receiving nagging robocalls, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley and 40 other state attorney generals have teamed up to put a stop to it.

According to a report from KY3, the bipartisan group met with several phone companies with three goals in mind.

The first is to develop a detailed understanding of what technologically is feasible to minimize unwanted robocalls and illegal telemarking,

Second, engage the major telecommunications companies to encourage them to expedite the best possible solutions for consumers.

And finally, the group wants to determine whether states should make further recommendations to the FCC.

“This multistate effort is vitally important,” Hawley said. “Missourians complain regularly about repeated robocalls that interrupt their daily lives. As a part of this group, my office is working to find ways to fight spoofing and other robocalls that are not prevented by the No-Call List.”

Riggs Royena, a member of Sales Tech, said there are steps you can take to reduce or stop the number of robocalls.

Those include changing your number, add apps to scan incoming calls or register for the no-call list.

To register for that list, click here.

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