Report: Public safety tax approved in Fulton County

Report: Public safety tax approved in Fulton County
Ballot box

SALEM, AR (KAIT/KSPR) - A one-cent sales tax that will help an area sheriff’s office with equipment, staff and operations of the sheriff’s office and detention center was approved by voters this week.

According to a report from Springfield television station KSPR, Fulton County voters approved the sales tax Dec. 10 by a vote of 837 to 299.

The sales tax, which is expected to bring in around $700,000 a year, will be implemented on April 1.

Fulton County Sheriff Al Roork said earlier this year that his department was having trouble keeping deputies due to low pay and a lack of time off.

Roork said the department has about a $600,000 in its yearly budget, but noted that the problems also created a situation where deputies were underpaid and understaffed, KSPR reported.

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