City Council position decided by roll of the dice

City Council position decided by roll of the dice

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - A game of chance decided the fate of one Region 8 city council position on Dec. 13.

The drawing by lot came after a tie between Cliff Farmer and incumbent Becky Linebaugh in the runoff election.

The election had people talking across the state because Farmer was on a work trip during the runoff election, and didn’t make it back in time to vote.

Both candidates had 223 votes each.

“I was shocked because our votes were the same," incumbent Becky Limbaugh said. "And I know they had a recount.”

The unusual result meant County Clerk Tina Stowers had to do some digging to find out how to break the tie.

“I’ve been county clerk for 14 years and this is my first time at this,” Stowers said. “I have never seen a tie in Lawrence County.”

Stowers checked with the Secretary of State’s office who said the tie was to be decided by drawing a lot.

“It could have been a toss of the coin," Stowers said. "It could also have been a draw of a card, but they decided to go with a roll of the dice.”

And the tie-breaker certainly caught some attention.

A number of people showed up at the court house to see who would win the dice roll.

Linebaugh rolled a 6 and Farmer rolled 4.

While incumbent Becky Linebaugh came out on top, Cliff Farmer said he still has plans to help the city of Hoxie grow.

“I’ve already spoke with the mayor and Mrs. Linebaugh," Farmer said. "And I told her I’m still going to work to see what I can do to help.”

Leaving Hoxie with a memorable city council election and two candidates who want to make the city better.

“I just enjoy serving the citizens of Hoxie,” Linebaugh said.

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